nuh-uh :3 18.
Nursing student.
A goer.
A witch.
An average girl.


ʎɐʍ ǝƜ ǝʞɐ

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—> OMG. I LOVE YOU! Haha


Last day on the beach :( #ByeLaguna (Taken with Instagram)


hahaaa this means XMAS!

Since I’m going to be in China on Christmas… my mum is sending me an advent calendar!!



Anonymous said:
Not only do I like your blog (haha I found it) but I also am OBSESSED with you secretly. Ok here we go.. I got this idea from a Tumblr spam I got once lol.. I think you like me too and you were always too shy to admit it :3 go to crushmatches(dõt)com (wtf it wont let me link regular) and make an account there. Then look up the profile 'gottagetme19' (me obviously) I left body pictures.. if you can guess who I am hit me up and we'll hang soon. You need a C C but its free

WTH?! :o


Usher- Simple Things 


Sen. Santiago to shame vain politicians thru ‘anti-epal’ bill

Credit belongs to the taxpayers, so take those billboards with your big smiling face somewhere else.

This, in essence, is the message of Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago in Senate Bill No. 1967, her version of what the man in the street would call an “anti-epal” measure, as it is directed at politicians or bureaucrats who claim credit for projects built with public funds.

“Epal” is slang for “mapapel,” a  Filipino term for attention grabbers, scene stealers, or people who crave a role (papel) in affairs that are not necessarily theirs to handle or decide.

The term originated from the streets to become a buzzword in political circles especially last year, when President Benigno Aquino III initiated a shame campaign against such annoying public officials.

Currently undergoing committee deliberations, Santiago’s “anti-epal” bill is formally titled “An Act Prohibiting Public Officers from Claiming Credit through Signage Announcing a Public Works Project.”

The senator maintained that public officials have no business claiming credit for projects funded by taxpayers’ money.

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I’m trying to copy Ann’s smile. HAHAHA. :))))

PAKULITAN KAMI LAST NIGHT. Pareho kaming hyper eh. HAHA :)))))

I refined Snape for my “Ask Snape” Tumblr.


For here.

→ Always: Sometimes I don't even want to check my Severus Snape tag anymore.

I keep seeing all this hate in there about how ‘James gets written off as an asshole and Snape gets all the love and he was a dickweed’ and it kills me. Yes, James was an asshole and he got over that. We know that. Snape was a bitter child who grew into a bitter man who didn’t make all of the…

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